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Given the current pandemic, it is important to “stay connected with family” as a priority. Dorit KimsleyIn 2022. A recent interview was conducted with CelebHomes News, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star shared, “My children are very close to their grandparents who live out of state and with their aunts and uncles too. Amazon Glow, an interactive projector and video calling system, was purchased. It allows my kids to draw, play, and stay connected with their grandparents, aunts, and uncles.”

The mother of two shared, “The really beautiful thing is that my kids, who are five and seven years old, have gravitated so naturally to this and navigate it so easily that they can teach their grandparents how to use it and they don’t even need any help from me.” Dorit shared, “It is such a joy to my parents because we still live in the pandemic and don’t know when their kids will be seeing them again.” They are able to stay in touch and be close even beyond normal video calling. They are able to stay connected for hours, learning and playing video games.”

Dorit also shared insights about Amazon Glow and her top-selling Amazon products to help you achieve your 2022 goals.