Coconut oil, which is cold-pressed and organic, can serve as a multi-tasking product. For extra hydration, apply it to your hair as a mask. Use a little of the oil to remove any makeup from the previous day. This can be used to replace gels or shaving creams. To add moisture to your bath, you can also use a large amount of the coconut melt. Coconut Melt is a great way to soothe itching in pregnant belly and reduce stretch marks.

They are not the only ones. Some There are many ways to use this product. This product absorbs quickly into skin and softens dry areas. It also prevents water loss. Ulta customer, Hirah said that she loved the product. Because it is all natural and contains 100% coconut oil. It’s so easy to know exactly what my skin is doing. You can use it for your body, face and hair. And if you have little ones, you could even apply it on their faces. It is great to take off makeup from the evening.

One person said that he bought the larger container after using the smaller one. The melt is fantastic! It literally melts in your skin when you apply it to your entire body. Although it looks like oil, the product instantly penetrates your skin to moisturize and nourish. You’re also moisturizing your skin by using your hands. It was Christmas shopping time, so I purchased a large container of Tropical and a larger container of Tropical. I absolutely love it !!!”

I love coconut oil. This coconut oil is richer than any other brand I’ve tried and it feels more moisturized. It is a great product that I can use several times per day.