Ray Liotta‘s fiancée Jacy Nittolo is leaning on their children as she continues to process her feelings, almost a month after the actor’s unexpected death. 

Ray shared an Instagram collage of her and the hairdresser, along with a series of photos she took of Ray. On June 23, Ray wrote an emotionally charged post to share how she was dealing with Ray’s sudden death. She wrote, “It’s difficult to believe that a month has passed.” It’s hard to describe the pain caused by this unexpected loss. He is missed every moment of my day.”

Jacy added that she gets a “hint of some light” every day from being with her four kids—DaxChazzJade and Joey—and Ray’s daughter, Karsen, who he shares with his ex-wife Michelle Grace.

“Through such deep pain I find so much loveAnd laughter,” she continued. Our lives are very fragile right now, yet each of us are holding on to each other. As if our lives are one huge blended family.