Gil follows these couples.Mackenzie AustinMargaret Brigham (pictured above) and John Brigham (pictured fourth), who clearly have issues. His wife hid the fact that their son was abusive to women and didn’t tell her husband. There are white lies, and then there are lies such as this. 

Love and Joe are fifth because, duh. They have their strong moments. However, they only do so when they’ve hurt someone and need to cover it. It’s almost as if Joe hates Love. She’s not even aware of it.

Victoria Pedretti admitted that they could be soulmates but said it would take “the courage to be vulnerable and open”

She said, “Unfortunately we don’t see this happen.” “I see them as soulmates. I believe they are uniquely capable of each other’s weaknesses. Their strengths are there to support and uphold one another.”