However, that hasn’t been the case with her successor. Meghan McCainThe official member of the View table as a regular co-host mere weeks after Bila’s departure. After stepping down from the conservative seat in August, McCain has not held back about her own experience on the long-running show, calling the environment “toxic.”

“There is a deep level ogyny in the way that people behave, regardless of the reason.” The View“It is covered and written about by the media, where tabloids always write about co-hosts hating one another backstage,” she stated in part of an aside from her upcoming audiobook. Bad RepublicanPublished by Variety. “It’s self-fulfilling prophecy since the atmosphere of The ViewDrama breeds drama: Producers can’t control hosts, manage conflict, or control leakage. My view is that the show should be viewed as a job. The ViewPeople are at their worst when they are under pressure. I believe that all the women on the staff work under conditions so bad it feels like rapidsand.

In response to the book excerpt, an ABC spokesperson told CelebHomes News, “For 25 years, The View has been a platform on air and behind the scenes for strong women. Live television and different perspectives can often lead to surprising moments, but the team is collaborative and supportive—focused on delivering an informative daily talk show to our loyal viewers.”  

During an appearance Live Streaming: See What Happens, McCain told host Andy Cohen“Only one person was bullied out their job and doesn’t want to work there anymore,” she said, referring specifically to herself.

The new episode Behind the Table drops on Oct. 26.