Randall thanked Lala for their positive relationship and expressed his gratitude.

He stated, “We are blessed with this lovely girl.” That is what’s most important. Even though it is difficult to see the beauty in all this chaos, I just think that she is here because of us. It is all worth the chaos, the heartbreak, the pain and turmoil. This is not to say that it’s all bad. While I am not happy about it all, I feel sad. However, Ocean has Ocean and Ocean has me. I believe we would both agree that Ocean is the best thing for us.

Lala said that the couple communicates via an app and they talk exclusively about Ocean. Randall described Lala as “a great mother,” and said while he’s “optimistic” they’ll get to a better place in the future, “Ocean’s very lucky to have two parents who love her as much as we both do. “That’s all that I could ask for at the end.”