Some old things, some new ones and someone completely unexpected.

The surprise of a Pittsburgh wedding party came as a complete surprise Tom HanksThe bride and groom were invited to share a photo on that special day. KCRA Channel 3 reported that the bride Grace GwaltneyShe was with her team as they were about to leave the Fairmont Hotel, downtown Pittsburgh, when Oscar winner crash crashed their shoot.

“Hey! He reportedly stated, “Hey! Can I have a picture with her?”

Photographer for weddings Rachel Rowland told the outlet that the impromptu moment seemed to have happened within a flash—a camera flash that is.

Rachel said, “We lost it all.” The bridesmaids were ushered out of the limousine and he took photos, than congratulated everybody, then he disappeared. The whole thing was sweet and so much fun!

This seems to have become a bit of a routine for many. Forrest GumpHe is a celebrity who crashed weddings of fans before. He snapped this sweet selfie in Central Park in 2016 with the bride and groom.