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It Shazam! Fury for the Gods star bonded with Barrymore while on the show because both had their lives change after being cast in Spielberg films. 

Zegler stated, “It’s wild. And that’s why meeting with you is so unbelievable because I knew the impact he had upon your life.” It was a completely different approach, deeper than mine but it is still a great way to connect with people.

Barrymore (who was only 6 at the time she played in The Equal,” said Barrymore. E.T., said. “I believe he entered our lives and turned our lives upside down on our heads.”

Zegler said, “For the best.” Zegler said, “He looked after us.”

In addition to starring as María, it was announced earlier this year that Zegler will soon be whistling while she works after being cast as Snow White in the Walt Disney live-action remake, which begins filming in 2022.