West Side StoryStar Rachel ZeglerAfter facing backlash over her role in the reenactment, she has apologized. Britney SpearsShe sent her sister these tweets Jamie Lynn Spears.

In the following: videoThough it was later deleted, the Golden Globe nominee at 20 did a monologue about the singer’s tweets to her sister in the midst of their ongoing feud.

Rachel said, “Anyone who has known me will know how much Britney is my favorite singer and I am always rooting for her.” tweetedOn January 17. “While I did not mean any disrespect whatsoever, I should’ve thought about how that could be perceived and I’m sorry to anyone for disappointing or upsetting anybody.”

She followed-up with a tweet addedBritney’s situation is too serious to ignore. We should be supporting Britney in these crucial moments. I am grateful for your understanding and thank you to those who held me responsible.

Rachel posted the video a few days following Britney’s, 40-year-old, attack on her sister Jamie Lynn (30) in a series tweets responding to Jamie Lynn’s interview. ABC News.