Yasss, honey! 

Can you believe? Jonathan Van NessThe podcast is now a Netflix series. We’re all for it. This is The Queer Eye star’s all-new series, Jonathan Van Ness and Getting Curious, which premieres Jan. 28, will explore all kinds of topics and questions that make Jonathan curious.

The streamer shared a glimpse of the series on Jan. 4. It is, in one words, amazing. Gorgeous. JVN lets out in the trailer that “I’ve got burning question and I need answers”. Why is hair so important? Do I rely on snacks for my health? Is it beautiful or disgusting? Do wigs just want to look different?

From dressing in construction gear, to figure skating and eating crickets, there is a lot to look forward to. “I am embarking on an exciting journey to expand my knowledge, to open up new perspectives and learn more.