It Proud FamilyIs back in addition to being Louder and more ProudYou can do it better than ever.

Kyla PrattJo Marie PaytonTommy Davidson and Paula Jai Parker CelebHomes News spoke with more original stars about the series’ return, and they said that it was a miracle they were given the opportunity to do so after fifteen years. Who does that?” Paula marvelled, while Tommy, her husband onscreen, added, “Gilligan’s Island didn’t even do that!”

While Proud Family reboot is the same show fans loved, Jo Marie said that it’s better because it reflects the “reality of what is happening today,” adding, “We have mixed families, all different everything.”

She also teased the introduction of new characters, including Keke Palmer‘s Maya Leibowitz-Jenkins, but called out one celebrity that she’s especially jazzed about: Billy Porter.

She declared, “I feel a special connection with Billy Porter.” “He’s such a talented individual! “He does all things, and I am excited to see him in person.”