Kristen Stewart admitted that she wasn’t aware of the royal wedding. 

An interview with Vanity FairPublished February 17, 2005. SpencerActress revealed that she had done extensive research about the late Princess Diana For her role, she isn’t an expert in the current-day royals.

Actually, she claimed that she was not aware of the situation. Prince HarryAnd Meghan MarkleKristen lives in California and is planning to move there for her 2020 graduation. 

Kristen pondered, “That’s so funny. I wonder, Kristen said “I don’t know where.” Yes, I do want to find out.

Kristen cheered when Kristen was told the couple settled down in Santa Barbara. 

Kristen may not be able to believe that Kristen didn’t know about this headline-making move. TwilightStar shared with Vanity FairShe only saw bits of Meghan’s 2021 interview with Harry. Oprah WinfreyIt was shot in California because it was too similar to Princess Diana’s character.