Nothing says same old love like life-long BFFs.
If you need proof, just look at the bond that binds them together Selena GomezAnd Francia Raisa. In fact, the two—who met in the early days of their careers—recently made a TikTok together and fans can’t get enough of seeing them have fun as a duo.
In Selena’s July 28 video shared to the platform, the two actresses are seen sitting side-by-side as they list off different versions of the “He/She’s a 10…but…” joke that has been going around on social media. Francia declared, “He’s 10.” But he loves his toes to be sucked. How does Selena feel about this particular funny fact? Selena reacted with an expression you will have to witness to believe.
Francia isn’t the only one to suggest turn-offs. Selena said, “He’s 10.” Selena said, “But hates every situation you have ever been in.” The two friends disagree and say it’d be “awful.”
Selena was clearly the winner with her adorable caption, “But every person is a 10, remember that fact during viewing.”