Seems that someone was trying to make himself the king of his castle.

On April 27, an unidentified man entered England’s Windsor Castle posing as priest. According to NBC News, he spent the night eating and drinking, before being given a bed in the barracks, which are not located on castle grounds. The security team raised alarm at 9:20 AM and the police were able to remove the intruder. 

Queen Elizabeth II was not at her Berkshire residence at the time, but rather enjoying a private break at her Sandringham estate about 100 miles away.

In a statement, a spokesperson from Thames Valley Police stated that they were notified by an “outsider” at Victoria Barracks on Sheet Street, Windsor. Officers arrived and expelled the outsider. There was no further action required.

This does not mean that the incident will go unresolved. A British Army spokesperson told NBC News: “The Army takes this breach of security extremely seriously and it will be thoroughly investigated as a matter of priority.”