Scott is a great guy! Christopher LloydI am obsessed with the bassoon

Lloyd, the legendary actor who played Doc Brown during the movie Back to the Future film franchise, is an ornery contrabassoon teacher in this exclusive clip from the May 4 episode of Conners.

What does the contrabassoon mean? Let us explain. You may also know it as the contrabassoon or double bassoon. It is larger than a standard bassoon and produces a higher sound.

Let’s move on to the funny clip.

Lou attempts to help Mark after he has retired from the symphonyAmes McNamaraThe contrabassoon is the town’s only teacher.

This instrument requires sacrifice. Lou speaks to Mark about the importance of sacrificing your time, family, friends and lovers in this clip. The contrabassoon is your new partner. Mark, are you up for it?

It’s been said that music lovers are a thing, but it is so much more!

When Mark tells Lou that he’s been practicing the instrument for two hours a night, Lou scoffs. 

Lou says that two hours will not be enough if you are looking to master the contrabassoon. You should plan on spending four hours per night.