There is light.

Two weeks ago, she became a mother. Priyanka ChopraThis is the time to get back into the selfie game.

The White TigerThe 39-year-old actress took to Instagram Wednesday February 2, 2018 to post her first Instagram feed since she announced the birth of her first child. Nick Jonas.

Priyanka praised the lighting and said, “The light just feels right.”

The new mom shared two pictures of herself through her rearview camera, showing that things are just fine for her. One photo shows her wearing black, oversized sunglasses, and the other, showing off her fresh, clean face. 

In January 21, Priyanka posted on Instagram that she had successfully surrogated her first child. At the time, the couple shared that they were thrilled to announce their surrogate baby. We ask that you respect our privacy as we try to focus on the family during this time.