In response to the letter, A&E said in a statement to CelebHomes News, “The stories shared in Playboy secretsThe documentary’s subjects are their personal stories and they deserve to be heard, no matter how hard it may seem. The experiences of others, whether they are with Mr. Hefner, the Playboy culture or signatures on letters, don’t negate their stories. We look forward to sharing these stories and will continue to do so.

Nearly 90 percent are female signees. More than half the signees worked at Playboy between the 1970s and the 1980s. Only about 10 percent of the signees were affiliated with Hefner in the ’00s, when the company, whose flagship magazine was marketed to men, drew more female fans thanks to the success of The Girls Next Door.

One of the reality show’s stars, Hefner’s former lead girlfriend Holly MadisonThe following is a listing of. Playboy secrets and talks about how unhappy she felt during their relationship. She said she suffered “Stockholm Syndrome” when she was with him and called his Playboy Mansion “cultlike.” An ex-partner, Sondra Theodore, who dated Hefner in the late ’70s and early ’80s, said on the A&E docuseries that the mogul “groomed us all” and that she remains traumatized by the things she witnessed in his presence.

Theodore remembered, “Really, that was a beast.” The things he was turned by.”

Episode three of this series, which aired January 31, features the Playboy Bunnies. Ex-security guard Jim EllisBunny mom PJ Maste claim the Bunnies were often drugged and assaulted by male customers, with the latter saying she was a member of the “cleanup crew” that made sure such incidents didn’t hit the press.

Hefner’s and Kimberly were married a day before the premiere of the series. Cooper Hefner, 30, tweetedMy father said, “Some might not like the way my dad chose to live, but he was no fool.” He was honest and sincere, no matter how unconventional. His generosity was infectious and he cared deeply about people. These stories show how regret can lead to revenge.