It was not a joke after all.

It was almost two months ago Priyanka ChopraAnd Nick JonasThe Bollywood actress, who announced they had just welcomed their first child through surrogacy, actually implied that she was “expecting” them to be there as part of her daily routine. Jonas Brothers Family Roast.

The comedian’s 29-year-old wife of the musician poked fun at their age gap, Instagram celebrity and swirling pregnancies rumors during the Netflix comedy special that aired on Netflix Nov. 23.

“We are not the only couple without children yet,” Priyanka (38), said on stage. “Which explains why I’m so excited to announce this…Sorry babe  

After a long pause she jokedly stated, “Nick is expecting…To get drunk tonight, and sleep in tomorrow.” 

The audience laughed and cheered, but a closer shot showed the shocked expression on the singer of “Sucker”, as he lifted an eyebrow to get the punchline.

Priyanka & Nick announced their three-year wedding anniversary on December 31st. The two made identical Instagram posts on January 21st to announce that they had become parents.