Princess DianaThe legacy of ‘The Greatest Generation’ lives on.

A never-before-seen portrait of the late Princess Of Wales is now on display at a new exhibition, titled “Life Through a Royal Lens,” at London’s Kensington Palace. The simple yet elegant, black-and-white image—revealed to the public on March 4—shows a then roughly 27-year-old Diana staring stoically into the distance, wearing a satin off-the-shoulder gown and a pair of teardrop earrings.

The portrait was taken in 1988 by David BaileyHe famously captured a variety of icons from pop culture, including Andy Warhol, TwiggyAnd Beatles. The fashion photographer was reportedly hand selected by Diana—who passed away in 1997—for his high-contrast lighting and minimalist style.

According to a news release from Historic Royal Palaces, Diana’s decision to work with David “reflected her desire to establish a new photographic identity for herself,” a stark contrast from the more established forms of royal portraitures of the past.