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Review of BestLand Matte Lipstick Makeup Kit 

Amazon’s shopper said that the lipstick was “very good.” Is. Incredible. Perfect amount pigment, a wonnderrfulll range & the longevity is insane!!! These reds look amazing, they aren’t too orangey or overpowering, while the pinks look subtle and adorable. You can find a shade for any makeup style. You won’t get any smudges. It doesn’t get all over my boyfriend so I can kiss him.

One person exclaimed, “This stuff is amazing. It stays put! My lipstick was spotless after I had a root canal. This was quite amazing. I honestly was shocked that I wore lipstick to a root canal. It’s a habit, I suppose. After they had finished I was expecting my lipstick all over or to have been wiped off my face. But it wasn’t! But it still looked perfect. We highly recommend it.

One person raved about it, saying “Loved it!” It was perfect all day. It lasted all day! This lasted WAY longer and you get 6 of these for the price of 1 of those! The scent is amazing, too. It is the ideal candy apple red that I have been searching for. It’s amazing!

Amazon customer said, “My streak is broken!” Every color is mine! The first thing I did was to put it on quickly. I assumed that I would see it in the mirror 15 minutes later and clean it up. Each time that I saw my reflection I was amazed. And I didn’t touch it up or reapply—I drank water, ate breakfast, drank coffee—it still looks perfect. This matte isn’t drying as many others. This is a GEM.

“I am so happy to finally own a collection of the beautiful colours I love! “This lipstick is an incredible bargain and so much more affordable than others that cost three to four times as much,” said a shared fan.

One reviewer said, “Stunning and so worth it! I usually buy Stila makeup or Kylie Jenner, but those products are too expensive. I searched Amazon for matte lip glosses and found this one. I love the way it applies and it doesn’t smudge. This product is amazing! I bought set B.

They are fantastic! Both sets were great! I bought both after liking the first. Amazon seller: “I wanted lipstick that would stay on all day without getting smudged. These are great.

One customer said, “If your love matte lipgloss, BUY THESE!” They are great for wearing, don’t smudge easily and do not dry out your lips. Everything from NARS to E.LF has been used by me. They are all great matte glosses!

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