Placing your house on the listing comes with a lot of effort and people to deal with. There are a lot of motivated buyers that want to see your home. If you have a showing, and you have no time to prepare, don’t panic!

So what do you have to do if there are only a few hours left before the house showing?

Here are some of the down-and-dirty tips that you can do to have a quick cleanup and have a successful home viewing.

1.   Focus on the high-traffic areas.

There is no time to deep clean your whole home for the showing. It is best to focus on the heavily trafficked areas of your home. Vacuum the entryway, kitchen, and living room. Tidy up the bathroom and remove clutter. Wipe down those noticeable spots.

2.   Deal with dirty laundry.

This is the most dreadful part to do, dealing with laundry. Erase the trace of any foul-smelling laundry around your home. You can shove it inside your washer or dryer to hide it away from your potential buyers, or call a laundry service for a laundry app in NYC.

It is better to delegate this task to a laundry service to ensure that your clothes and linens are properly washed. Make use of your efforts of piling them.

3.   Accustom yourself to make the bed every morning.

Always make your bed every morning to help lessen the clutter in no time. This also has to be imposed on your children, there are no reasons why beds are unkempt. Let the prospective buyers have a glimpse of your cozy bedroom. If you have time to spare, remove all the personal belongings and photos from the nightstands.

4.   Remove the clutter.

The most obvious thing a prospective buyer can see is clutter. Check the areas where there are most clutters: kitchen counter, bathroom, staircase, and entryway. If there are clutters, shove them inside a cabinet, or at the back of the pantry, and worry about them later. What’s important is prospective buyers do not see any clutter lying around. Complete the cleanup by wiping the surfaces where the clutters were lying.

5.   Set the mood.

Crack the blinds and turn on the lights in your home. Set the mood for a bright and cozy home. Dark rooms may discourage a prospective buyer. If you have a diffuser stacked in your cabinet, bring it over to the corner of the room and let its aroma permeate.

6.   Check the outside.

Do not forget that the exterior matters the same as the inside. First impression lasts; make it have a lasting impression. Ensure that the lawn is freshly cut and there are no leaves racked around the driveway.

These tips help you prepare for a show as quickly as possible. Your stress level is probably reaching new heights because of the fast-paced cleanup. Give yourself a 30-minute break to compose yourself before the showing.