Bravo will introduce you to the newest reality TV obsession. Atlanta: Love Match.

Premiering Sunday, May 8, the series gives a glimpse into the personal and professional lives of Atlanta’s hottest matchmakers: Shae PrimusThe CEO of Middle-Class Matchmaker Kelli Fisher Tana GilmoreCo-owners of Matchmaking Duo Joseph DixonFounder, CEO and Matchmaker of Ming ClarkColor Blind International is owned by. 

Each professional will be filmed as they try to find the perfect relationship by balancing their personal drama with trying to meet high-profile, singles.

But the competition is fierce. As Ming puts it in the below sneak peek, “Matchmaking is a small world and we all know each other, so you need to keep your singles close and your competition closer.”

Shae is the competitor. She accuses Ming “of running an escort services” and “being a modern-day pimp.”