Positive mindset is what moms do.

In an Instagram Story from June 7, Lauren Bushnell LaneAs she gets ready to welcome her second child, the actress gave an update about her pregnancy. 2 with her husband Chris LanePer. People.

“The First 13 Weeks-ish” [of pregnancy]She said that things were worse this time. She said that she felt worse and had thrown up more, leading to her hospitalization. I’m feeling much better, thanks to the hospital visit.

Lauren said that she had recently been diagnosed with marginal cord insert. She added that although it was extremely stressful, Lauren is trying to remain optimistic.

Lauren explained that margin cord insertion occurs when the cord is attached to the edges of the placenta, rather than the middle.

Her continued, “So my concern is that you don’t know when to do it.” [the umbilical cord]Attaches to the edge of the pregnancy. It can cause the baby not to get the nutrition it needs.