According to the family, Alexis became more addicted to social media and began feeling guilty for what she did to her family.  

They also added that because of “Instagram’s addictive design and product features,” her “relationship with her parents greatly suffered,” noting that it often felt like it was “her and her devices against her parents.” 

Alexis was “extremely weight-loss obsessed” after Instagram promoted it on her Instagram feed. Her parents say that she has become “obsessed” with her body. 

Alexis was a confident and happy child, and was hospitalized in 2018 for anorexia, anxiety and depression. According to the family, it was due to “the damaging content and features Instagram constantly promoted and offered to Alexis in an effort to increase engagement.” 

The suit alleged that, following her hospitalization, Alexis has undergone “professional counseling, in-patient programs, outpatient programs, and eating disorder programs, and she will likely require help in the form of a service dog for the rest of her life.”

According to the documents, “She must keep in constant contact her doctors and fight to stay in recovery everyday.” Instagram’s action has caused Alexis lasting mental and emotional damage.