Jeannie claimed that Jeezy will have sex with Jeannie’s stomach during sex. She said, “I credit him.” She said that she didn’t instruct him to do it, but it helped him become more comfortable with the fact that the baby was there. Some men may be hesitant to touch the baby or refuse to touch it. But making it  all like, ‘Yo, you gotta be up in the mix in this. That’s how you were made. That’s what I find so beautiful. 

Jeezy and Jeannie shared the news of their baby in September. Her pregnancy has been shared many times, including details about her fertility journey and photos of her baby bump. 

Jeannie has recently stated that they will not be learning the sexual history of the baby before it is born.

“That makes things more exciting rather than defining the baby with pink skirts or blue corduroy shorts,” she told WWD in September. Because I want my baby to be able to choose, everything is going. It is very shocking to realize how rigidly you place your baby in certain stereotypes. This can be based on whether you think it’s a girl or a boy. Air Jordans were a gift from my friend who could work well for either a boy and a girl. There have been many oneies that I have received. It’s fun to see what others give me. It makes me see, ‘What do you think of when you break yourself out of the expectation of what a boy or a girl wears?'” 

In a YouTube video she added, “We’re going love whatever we get.”