Have you ever thought about the possibility of having a partner? Brad Pitt You’re welcome to join us for some good conversation and a delicious bite. This isn’t a rare opportunity. Fran DrescherIt is the same feeling. 

Conversations on the David Yontef: Behind the Velvet Rope podcast on Thursday, Nov. 11, The Nanny star shared that even after all her time in the business, she still gets starstruck—especially when it comes to the Ad Astra Actor. 

Drescher explained that she has met Pitt “a couple of times” in the past and would love to invite him over to her home for a meal sometime in the future. 

She replied, “I really would like to invite him for lunch.”

When the host encouraged her to give him a call, Drescher then hesitated. Drescher shook her head. He said that she didn’t know the best way to contact him but that she loved him.