Nick Cannon FIGHTS for His Family Against Baby No. 8.

It’s all about the kids when it comes to being pregnant. Abby De La Rosa

Twins aged 12 and under from the mom Zion and Zillion with Nick Cannon got candid about family dynamics after a fan asked how she feels about her kids having many siblings. 

“Omg, yess!!” Abby replied during an Instagram Q&A. “I grew up with such a STRONG sense of FAMILY! I have 14 uncles aunts and hella cousins!!”

She continued, “I’m not looking for anyone to understand or agreeWith my perspective and I’m not speaking on any other family unit except my own, but for me, my children having so many siblings is cool to me.”

Abby said that Abby was expecting another child and added “Children can be a blessing in any capacity.”