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As crazy as it seems, it’s back-to-school time again! If you or someone you know will be moving into a dorm or new apartment in the upcoming months, we’ve got a home sale you don’t want to miss.

Pottery Barn Teen offers a massive sale, where you will find great savings on everything dorm-related from bedding to laundry hampers. Backpacks and lunchboxes up to half off They also have a massive summer clearance sale, where discounts up to 70% are available. We found bargains as low as $8 on hundreds of products right now. 

Pottery Barn Teen has a summer clearance sale that you should shop immediately, whether you are looking for new school gear or if you just want your home to look more stylish. Below are our top picks for the clearance sale. These are just a few of the many deals and items we love.