Bleu also shared some basketball tips with the cast, though according to Bassett, the 33-year-old doesn’t possess his character’s athletic talents IRL. Bassett made a joke about Bleu’s inept basketball skills. I said, “You’re Chad Danforth. “What does it mean that you cannot play basketball?”

The show’s third season—which also guest stars JoJo SiwaAnd Jesse Tyler Ferguson—will see the Wildcats travel to Camp Shallow Lake for the summer. After an emotional breakup with girlfriend Nini (Olivia RodrigoBassett told Bassett that the show was a success in its last season. Daily Pop what’s in store for his character Ricky in the new episodes.

His explanation was that “where we met him, he’s kind of breaking free from a bunch of heartbreaks and a lot other things going on,” he said. He said, “This summer, it’s a great summer, I can just have fun and be happy.”

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The third season of High School Musical: The Musical Series Disney+ will premiere the new episode Wednesday, July 27th