Porsha now focuses on Simon, her future husband.

He is an honest man. I can tell when we get married like the type of wife I am is going to be because of what a great husband he is,” Porsha gushed. Because I love him, he’ll be an excellent husband. When it comes to supporting and pleasing one another, we almost have to compete. I like that kind of competition in a relationship. 

Porsha has even acknowledged that she’s “submissive to Simon”, although not in the manner you might imagine.   

Porsha said, “It is to me to love my husband, revere him and just be the word of being submissive.” My problem in the past was that I was submissive to the wrong person. When you form a genuine partnership with your partner or long-term friend, it won’t feel like you’re being submissive. It will be an environment where you can trust that the person is the best for you. This is what I see the meaning of right now. It’s all about selecting the right person.