Speak his name.

He is Emmett Till. “I want people to see that he’s a good boy,” mother and activist for civil rights Mamie Till-MobleyTony Award winner Adrienne WarrenA first glimpse clip of ABC’s new drama, “The Countdown” Women of the Movement.

This six-episode drama historical drama is inspired by Mamie’s own journey in seeking justice for Emmett, and will debut on Jan. 6.Cedric Joe). Emmett was allegedly accused of inflicting a minor offense on a cashier at a Mississippi grocery store. He was killed by his accomplice, Mississippi’s August 28, 1955. Carolyn Bryant. He was 14.

Glynn TurmanWho is the player? Mose WrightThe clip shows that the series will follow the tale of “the boy” in the future. Trayvon MartinThe 50s.”

Mamie refused to allow Emmett’s death to fade from public attention. Instead, she chose to share her grief with the entire world. This helped to ignite civil rights movements. Mamie can be seen in the footage inspiring people at a church. She says, “The loss of my son has taught me that no matter what happens, it should all affect us.”