Pop Idol Fans are still thinking of us Darius Campbell Danesh.

The Scottish singer has died at the age of 41, the Rochester Police Department and Southern Minnesota Regional Medical Examiner’s Office confirmed to CelebHomes News.  

According to police, they received a call from a Minnesota resident about the death of a person in an apartment block on August 11. The individual was later identified by the medical examiner as Darius. Police noted that the police are still investigating the circumstances of Darius’ death and there is not known danger to the public.

In a BBC statement, Darius’s family announced the death. The statement said, “It’s with deep sadness that I announce the death of Darius Campbell Danesh.” The local medical examiner’s office declared Darius dead after he was discovered unresponsive in his Rochester apartment on August 11.

According to the family, “the police have verified that there were not signs of intent or suspicious conditions.” Additionally, Darius’s cause of death remains unknown. Medical examinations are continuing. The family asked that the public “kindly respect our privacy wishes at this point while we mourn the tragic loss and our brother.”

CelebHomes News reached Darius’ managing agent but has not received any comments.