This shocked reaction could not be attributed to any text other than “A”.

This is the latest episode Pretty Little Liars reveals a connection to another teen drama—in addition to its predecessor. The HBO Max series turns out to be the same. Riverdale exist within the same universe.

In episode 6, the new Liars discover that many of Radley Sanitarium’s patients were transferred to Riverdale by the Sisters of Quiet Mercy. This was after the hospital became a hotel. The Sisters of Quiet Mercy is a notorious home for troubled young girls, run by a bunch of nuns that don’t extol the virtues of Christ.

Combining the words Riverdale and PLL: Original sin is a bizarre twist, especially since the two series that have little connection beyond the fact that they were both created by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa

Roberto recently revealed the exact story of Easter eggs. Roberto said, “We just kind of wrote that line in.” TVLine Aug. 11. Aug. 11. Riverdale,It’s not in the same universe as it used to be, so it has stayed there. It does, therefore, exist in the same universe.