Plaxico Burress might be a Steeler. But in the world of real estate, he isn’t. The wide receiver and his wife grabbed a 5 bed and 5.5 bath estate in Lighthouse Point for a reported $3.995 million back in 05′. After a couple of years of attempting to sell the place by adjusting the price, they finally caught a buyer. However, the couple’s long-term efforts only netted a result of an offer for $2.3 million, over a $1.6 million difference from when they bought the place 9 years ago. On the brighter side of things, it’s always better when a house reels in some sort of cheddar as opposed to catching nothing.

The italian-roman-mediterranean infused palace weighs in at 6,872 sq ft and sits on a quarter of an acre. Wait til’ you step inside and navigate through long narrow greek-inspired halls and find the kitchen somewhere along your journey. The kitchen is big, with two large adjacent refridgerators, island table w/ marble countertop, and an additional handwash/dishwash area. Kitchen accommodates attached bar/breakfast seating and has rich wooden cabinets. To name a few amenities: pool, long narrow second-floor balcony, dishwasher, washer, dryer, range, microwave, theater room, office, elevator, and 3-car garage. Alright, more than a few amenities.

Address: 2249 NE 26th St, Lighthouse Point FL 33064