Danny and Sheila have won.

The Physical season two finale, which hits Apple TV+ Aug. 5, the couple decides it’s time to officially go their separate ways after Danny (Rory ScovelFinally, ), learns about Sheila (Rose ByrneJohn Breem (Paul Sparks). Danny and Sheila made an earlier concerted effort for their daughter’s sake, but Danny is unable to move beyond Sheila’s deceit.

In a sneak peek of the episode, Danny asks that he gets 50 percent of Sheila’s business in the divorce. This idea makes Sheila laugh, because he did so little to help her become a businesswoman. He tells her, “Over my dead corps.”

Sheila’s increasing anger with Danny is fueled by her knowledge that she’s not the only woman who has been wronged by a lazy husband. After speaking with women like her, she understands, “Exercise was the only thing they had in their life just for them. Men are not the only ones who need to exercise. They are not for their children. Their children.