Warner Bros. “Shocks” Batgirl Directors The Movie Shelves

Leslie GraceIs reacting to news about BatgirlWith gratitude and humility, I will be shelving it.

August 3rd was a disappointing day for Barbara Gordon, the actress who had been set to play the role of Barbara Gordon in the DC movie. “Querida familia!” Grace posted the following on Instagram. Grace wrote on Instagram: “In the wake of recent news regarding our movie Batgirl,It was a film that took 7 months to complete in Scotland. I’m proud of all the hard work, love and determination of my cast and crew. It was an honor to work with such great people and have made lasting friendships.

She continued, “To every Batgirl fan—THANK YOU for the love and belief, allowing me to take on the cape and become, as Babs said best, ‘my own damn hero!’ #Batgirl to the end!

BatgirlDirectors Adil El ArbiBilall Fallah In a joint statement, they stated that they were shocked to hear the film would not be made. The film had been finished earlier in the year.