This confession has convinced us to try the champere. Peyton Manning An Emmy is deserved.

This was the appearance of an ex-NFL star. Saturday Night Live on Jan. 29 in which he was Supposed to discuss the NFL playoffs but got sidetracked when he started to gush about Emily in Paris. He waxed poetic about the viewing experience and told Colin Jost, “This show has everything: romance, adventure, sensuality, culture, a fresh take on feminism—finally. The show’s culinary tapestry is so rich that I cannot describe it other than food porn.

However, the truth is that it was all a fabrication.

Peyton made an appearance on Monday, January 31st Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight ShowAnd made an unsettling confession: “I have never seen an episode.” Emily in Paris.” 

He gave such an impressive performance that we don’t know if it is possible to believe. We are sure that he is telling the truth.