PewDiePieThis YouTube video caused some controversy. 

On July 26, the Youtuber, who has 111 million subscribers, shared a video titled “My Dog Cringes at TikToks,” in which he reacts to viral videos with his pup, Maya.

One of those clips included creator Scarlet MayThe deaf woman, named Alicia, regularly posts TikToks that use both sign language as well spoken English. She often sports long nails as she signs to her 6.2 million followers. 

When PewDiePie saw a video of hers, he cut the clip short. In the YouTube video, he stated that he was not interested in this. Maya, look at her crazy nails. 

Then, he waved his paws at the dog and appeared to be imitating American Sign Language. PewDiePie then said “Sorry, guys, are your nails distracting?”

Backlash was received from several viewers, one of whom even sued. tweetedPewdiepie was not an ableist. Instead, he wanted to ridicule a Black woman in front of millions for her long nails and natural language. That’s all there is to it.