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Kim Kardashian’sSKIMS is the new “it” clothing brand. This company is focusing on the next generation. Paris Jackson, Bella PoarchPlease see the following: Madison Bailey bring their influence to the brand’s newest swimsuit launch, in an exclusive video shared with CelebHomes News. This drop is full of fashion-forward looks, including accessories like towels and Kim’s signature gloves.

 “I’ve known Kim for a while and have always admired her style, so to be in the latest swim campaign for SKIMS is a full circle moment. Paris Jackson released a statement saying that Paris loves the brand, and this shoot was great fun. Bella Poarch said, “I am obsessed with the new line – there are so many options, from dresses to gloves, and it is all very stylish. I also love the way the brand pushes the style boundaries in this manner.” It was an honor to be able to share my excitement with them.”

The SKIMS Swimsuits will be available for purchase on July 28th, 2022 at 12:00 ET/ 9:00 PT. These styles come in 7 colors and sizes from XXS through 4X.