Check out these glowing reviews by QVC shoppers if you’re still unsure about buying. 

Peter Thomas Roth FIRMx Peeling Gel Reviews

QVC customer said that he didn’t like this product until just recently. I had been using exfoliants before and I didn’t feel the need to try this one. This was not the case. This product is my best friend for oily skin. This is all I’ve done to make a noticeable difference in my skin. You can see the difference in my skin and complexion. Great job, Roth.”

Another review: “You have to try this product. It works. My skin is smoother now that I’ve used it.” This product was sent to me automatically, even though I had sensitive skin. SO HAPPY. MY SKIN IS SUNFLOWING. “Thank you very much for making this product.

“I am 69 years old, I have sensitive and rosacea skin. My skin is sensitive to exfoliators. This one, however is perfect! My skin feels smoother and more hydrated if I use it only once per week. If my skin is feeling a bit rough or has a clogged pores, I can spot exfoliate it and the bump disappears. “I can’t praise this product enough,” shared a customer.

One person shared the following: “And it is so much fun!” After only a couple of days, I was amazed at how ‘balling’ I feel. This product is so smooth and enjoyable. It’s also fun to see the balls gather as you clean your pores. Beautiful, clear skin! You won’t want to be without it!”

“I was astonished at the amount of things that fell off my face. Yikes!!! It was always my habit to scrub other areas of my body in order to remove the old skin. Looks like it is doing what it needs to do for me,” a shopper raved.

The best peel. It really works !!!!!!. It’s worth a try.