Pete DavidsonAre you keeping up to date with the Kardashians The latest fashion trends

In this Instagram picture, Pete poses at Gentry Garb Los Angeles after doing some shopping. You can see the Saturday Night Live While wearing a blue flannel and a Nike sneaker next to her shopping bag, star made a peace sign.

The men’s clothing store—which specializes in luxury streetwear—has also been visited by rappers PnB Rock, Soulja BoyIts Instagram account lists more stars.

Pete may have picked up streetwear and some relationship advice while he was there. Gentry Garb posted the moment on his account. It read, “Big shout out Pete Davidson for stopping by to #shop. We told bruh to not worry about Ye!” #deeperthanclothing,” referring to his recent online exchanges with girlfriend Kim Kardashian“‘s ex Kanye West.

Kim might have taken a leaf out of Kim’s book and decided to update his wardrobe. Kim has been wearing Balenciaga-inspired looks as of late.