Josh announced his split from Bobby March 4th, sharing a statement via Instagram: “This wasn’t a hasty or impulsive choice. This was a very deliberate decision.

Josh said that he has “nothing except love and respect for Bobby” and explained that it wasn’t a lack. Josh also stated, “It was not love being lacking. It was us both growing and wanting to do different things.”

He added, “It wasn’t a lack in love. It was the two of us growing up and wanting different things. Bobby is my best friend and I have the deepest respect and love for him. “I want our separation to reflect that.”

In a statement of his own, Bobby confirmed that the pair had ended their five-year marriage. Bobby said that Josh and I shared a wonderful love story. I’ll always be grateful. On his Instagram, he shared that he and Josh have been able to learn so much from each other through their relationship. “If there’s one thing I can tell you about me and my partner, it’s the fact that we did everything possible to make this happen. As we’ve learned, sometimes it isn’t enough to love, unfortunately.