Percy JacksonHe has sought the assistance of TV experts.

Megan Mullally, Jason MantzoukasAnd Glynn TurmanHave joined the Disney+ Series Cast Percy Jackson, the Olympians, CelebHomes News can confirm.

Mullally was a Emmy-winning actress for her role as Karen Walker in NBC’s NBC. Will & Grace, will play Alecto (a.k.a. Mrs. Dodds). The streamer said that Mrs. Dodds was Percy’s hard-working, stubborn math teacher. She may seem monstrous sometimes, but she is. “She is one of three Furies (known as Alecto) who faithfully serve Hades the god of underworld.

Alecto is pictured holding a martini in one’s hands. But maybe this is just our imagination. 

Mantzoukas voices Jay for Netflix Big Mouth and appeared as Rafi on FX’s The League, will play Dionysus (a.k.a. Mr. D, who is “the director of Camp Half Blood,” a camp for demigods.

Turman, who played Mayor Clarence V. Royce on HBO’s The Wire, has been cast as Chiron (a.k.a Mr. Brunner). Disney+ explains that Percy is disguised as Mr. Brunner, Percy’s Latin teacher. “Chiron” is Percy’s famous centaur who gives Percy moral guidance whenever needed.

A inspirational centaur could be a great addition to our lives.