It’s always a good idea to do it again.

Botched patient GinaThis proved to be an obstacle for Dr. Paul NassifDuring the March. 1 episode of the season 7 finale. The former neurologist sought help to correct her deformed right eye and cheek, which were disfigured by illegal silicone injections that not even five corrective surgeries could repair.

During Dr. Nassif’s first surgery on Gina, he found “unusual things” and removed what looked “like a piece of gauze” in her face.

During her post-op meeting, Gina said her pain was “a lot better.”

She said, “I can actually sleep now.” It’s a relief to have the chance to take back my life, as things had been looking grim. It’s the most wonderful feeling I have ever felt, so I am just crossing my fingers this will be the end to my personal hell.”

Unfortunately for Gina, complications soon arose and the swelling in her cheek returned.

“Following Gina’s surgery, she has had multiple problems with what we call recurrent seromas,” Dr. Nassif explained. “My only alternative at this point is to open her up again, look for the capsule of the seroma and remove it completely, and hopefully this will be it.”