Vanna White can add role model to her résumé. 

Pat Sajak daughter Maggie revealed on Yahoo! Yahoo! The Wheel of Fortune co-host once took a very special turn at giving her advice.  Pat fell unintentionally ill in 2019 and was taken to an emergency room for surgery. 

When show producers decided to have Vanna step in for him, they were left needing someone to take over for the famous game show wing woman. 

Maggie was picked, and Vanna gave Maggie a very special surprise before taking her to the stage. 

During the interview, she stated that “She gave me some instructions, such as on the refrigerator, about how to press the letters and what to do to make them go down.” 

She said that she was 26 years old and had been teaching her for a week. It was an entirely new experience, for us both. I am so glad that we could do it together.