Pamela Anderson made her Broadway debut with her two biggest supporters in the audience: sons BrAndon and Dylan Lee.

The 12 April will be Baywatch Star, 54, dazzled New York City’s Ambassador Theater in her role as Roxie Hart, the notorious inmate in the legendary musical Chicago. CelebHomes News spoke to the actress about realizing a dream she had been chasing since she began rehearsals: “Seeing my sons in front of the audience.” 

She said, “They’re very proud and protective, and they have been my greatest supporters.” 

According to Roxie, a self-described West Coast girl who stars as Roxie until June 5, she didn’t imagine that she would end up on Broadway singing and dancing.  

She said, “I’ve always seen myself as a performer or dancer (in my mind), but it never occurred to me that this would become a reality.” How could I possibly dream of being on Broadway?” Although it’s insane and the people who have me are crazy, I am grateful. It takes a leap.

She added, “Singing is courage, but it is also technical—a muscle—and I’m learning so much. I’m getting stronger every day.”