When you have 18 children, how much time can you spend with your father?

Evidently not a lot. This is no surprise for a 23-year-old Paedon BrownA unique upbringing led to him being interviewed on The Real Life with Kate Casey podcast, Kody BrownThe father of the son spoke out about his childhood growing up with Kody, the patriarch in a polygamist household.

The Sister WivesSince the premiere of the series in 2010, ” has been a consistent star on it. He is also the son ChristineKody, whom she split recently in November, was announced by.

If host Kate CaseyPaedon asked Paedon whether Kody is able to divide his time equally between the kids and he answered that he “thinks so”.

“He tried to concentrate on the younger ones,” he said, adding that there will be another baby. Although I hate to use the word favorite, it is what I think is the most appropriate. His new child was his to guard.