Megan Thee Stallion‘s P-ValleyThe debut was anything but savage.

Actress Brandee Evans—who plays Mercedes on the STARZ series—dished all about working with the Grammy-winning artist exclusively on CelebHomes News’ Daily Pop.

Megan, she said, was “Oh my godsh!” Daily Pop‘s Loni Love and guest hosts Adam Rippon Carmen ElectraAugust 8 Tina Snow performed along with the rapper on August 8. J. Alphonse NicholsonAt the Pynk club,’s Lil Murda.

Brandee stated, “She is exactly as you think, y’all, exactly how you think.” Megan is going to do it, honey.

But the “Pressurelicious” singer isn’t the only cast member giving her performance her all, as Brandee revealed that she and many of the show’s stars perform a lot of their own pole stunts.

The 37-year old shared that she does “not all of it”, but did share some of her experiences. We do many of our stunts but also have incredible body doubles that help us.