Sharon Ozzy Osbourne will soon have a new daughter-in-law.

Son of the couple, Jack Osbourne, revealed that he proposed to girlfriend Aree Gearhart—and she said yes!

“Today I asked the most beautiful and loving woman I’ve ever met to marry me,” he wrote on Instagram on Thursday, Dec. 30. She wrote, “Life is like a series and I am so happy to walk through each one.”

The 36-year-old TV host added, “She’s truly a magical being with a heart bigger then [sic]Anything I had in my head. Her step-mom skills make my heart so full. There was no better place to be. [sic] I am right now.”

Jack has been previously married to Lisa StellyFrom 2012 to 2019, they shared their children Pearl Osbourne, 9, Andy Osbourne6, Minnie Osbourne, 3.

After announcing the engagement, he shared a selfie of the couple all bundled up in the snow, wearing beanies and coats while Aree revealed her oval-shaped diamond ring.