Katharine McPhee FosterAfter the controversy over her bikini photos, her inner circle is standing by her. 

ErinAnd Sara FosterKat’s father is whose husband it is. David FosterThey showed their support on December 29th for the swimsuit photo she posted on Instagram.

Things kicked off when David, 72, posted an image of Katharine rocking a black bikini and captioned it, “what baby,” 10 months after she gave birth to son Rennie.

His comments were criticized by some users, one of whom said: “Yeah. We need to perpetuate the unhealthy story that women should be larger or smaller post-partum than they were pre-pregnancy.” 

Katharine, 37 years old, was a different person and responded directly to the user. She said, “Almost one year later after giving birth, is an unhealthy narrative- jump in the lake.”

It American Idol alum also created her own post to say that she had “zero” dieting and “zero” pressure to get in shape after giving birth. This week the singer posted, “Stop being upset by people’s posts that have no impact on you life and just move on.” “Maybe you should have more of an attitude of like, let’s say… ‘oh that’s nice he thinks his wife is hot.'”